Hair & Makeup

Jo profile

As a beauty professional for over nine years, Jo’s knowledge originates from a skincare background before specializing in Makeup and Hair Artistry. During her journey to gaining a BA (Hons) in Media Makeup, she undertook an internship at Habia’s Japanese school of Makeup in Tokyo, and trained with an extensive range of Makeup and Skincare brands, including Dior, Urban Decay, Chanel, and Elemis, to name but a few. This diverse training sparked an interest in not only the practical use of a product but also the science behind its functionality. True to her beauty obsession, she is always on the hunt for new formulations, trends, and tricks!

As a freelance makeup and hair artist, she has worked with an extensive list of clients in the commercial field. However, she has found that her personable skill set and love of creating feminine, technically beautiful makeups, and hair designs really lend themselves to the wedding industry. There truly is no better feeling than making a bride feel extra special on her wedding day. As a lover of fashion and style, her intention is to create beautiful hair and makeup designs that are modern, chic, and highlight and balance her clients’ natural beauty without masking it.