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10 Must-Read Reasons Why You Should Invest in Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup

Before you exclaim that professional bridal hair and makeup is too expensive, let me ask you a question: how much are you spending on your wedding shoes? 

Unlike your shoes, your face and hair will be in the spotlight the entirety of your wedding. Meanwhile, your shoes will be hidden under your dress. Yet most brides wouldn’t dream of wearing their everyday heels to their wedding. So, why do you think your everyday hair and makeup is enough? 

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is an investment. Here are 10 reasons why getting your bridal hair and makeup professionally done is worth it: 

1. Shine on Camera

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So, you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer to capture the memories of your special day. Don’t you think you deserve to feel great about how you look in those photos?  

Professional hair and makeup artists are trained to design gorgeous looks that flatter you both in person and on camera. Imagine looking at your wedding photos in ten years’ time and cringing at the way the flash makes you look like a ghost. It may have looked beautiful in person. But the camera is a different beast.  

Most people are unaccustomed to being the star of a professional photo shoot. Therefore, even someone who’s normally a makeup whiz is likely to be inexperienced with getting camera-ready. And is your wedding really the best time to take a chance on your makeup? 

Is your wedding really the best time to take a chance on your makeup?

An experienced makeup artist will ensure you avoid all the common photo shoot makeup traps such as:  

• Trying to go too natural and ending up looking washed out.
• Only paying attention to how your makeup looks from the front. (experienced photographers look for interesting angles to make photos stand out)
• Wearing low-quality makeup that looks cakey close-up (when you hire a professional makeup artist you’re paying for their professional grade makeup and equipment as well as their experience and training)
• Getting “flashback” from wearing the wrong foundation.

2. Celebrate All Night Long

As you pledge your devotion to your beloved, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your makeup is still intact.

For instance, smudging your lipstick on your first kiss as a married couple is probably not on your Pinterest dream wedding board. A professional makeup artist will ensure that your makeup stays fresh and your hair stays put your entire wedding.

Experienced bridal hair and makeup artists know what your hair and makeup will have to withstand. Dancing. Eating. Kissing. Crying a little. Crying a lot. This isn’t their first wedding. They know what works and what will leave you looking like you belong in a panda exhibit the instant tears start to flow.

A professional makeup artist knows what works and what will leave you looking like you belong in a panda exhibit the instant tears start to flow.

Bride and groom with wedding cake, makeup by Storme

3. Access Top Quality Makeup and Tools

Makeup flatlay

Buying high-quality products and doing your hair and makeup yourself seems like an easy way to save money. However, it is far from your best option.  

If you don’t know how to curl your hair properly, then a salon-level curling tong won’t yield much better results than the £25 one you had as a teenager. If your method of setting your makeup is hoping for the best, then dropping £30 on setting powder is a waste of money. 

A professional makeup artist knows how to get the most out of a tube of dollar-store mascara. But when you hire them for a wedding, you’ll get so much more than that. In the hands of a skilled artist, blush, mascara, and eyeshadow can bring out your best features to highlight your unique beauty and make you feel your best! 

Professional beauty products and tools are essential because they look better, last longer, and save time. However, buying them yourself is so expensive that it’s more practical to pay a bit more for a trained expert who will use their own products. 

4. Save Time

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. It’s also jam-packed with things to do. Save time on your wedding morning by hiring an experienced professional to take care of making you look your best. A professional hair and makeup artist will have had lots of practice and training. This makes them much faster than the average person.

Have you ever tried to even out your eyeliner and ended up having to start all over again? Professionals who have practiced their techniques countless times save you time by getting it right the first time. They also know which methods are the fastest and what the most efficient order is.

Hairstyling, such as curling hair, often takes much longer to do on yourself. Not being able to see behind you makes it difficult and tedious for you to do your own complicated updo even if you are a hairstylist.

French bride and groom hair by Storme

Your wedding day isn’t the only time you save by hiring a professional to do your bridal hair and makeup. Consider the time commitment involved if you plan to learn how to do your own hair and makeup before the wedding. You’ll need to take lessons or find online tutorials. And once you’ve learned, you’ll need to practice numerous times to make sure you can do it consistently. 

Hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup will save you time before your wedding day and make the day of less hectic. 

5. Take Away the Stress

happy bride and groom

Planning a wedding is stressful. Are you afraid the stress to make every detail perfect is going to turn you into bridezilla? Take the pressure off yourself by hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup.  

Here’s a list of ways getting your hair and makeup professionally done can keep your special day from becoming a pressure cooker: 

• You won’t have to worry about doing your hair and makeup yourself.
• You’ll know exactly what your hair and makeup will look like ahead of time.
• You’re free to celebrate without anxiety over your makeup smudging or your hairdo falling apart.
• You’ll have more breathing room because experienced stylists are faster.
• You can relax and enjoy your morning while you get your hair and makeup done.

6. Find Your Dream Look

You have the dress, you have the Pinterest board, you have the vision. Now, it’s time for a bridal consultation and trial run with your hair and makeup artist. Trial runs are an exciting part of the wedding planning process because you get to play around with different looks and ideas. You may have your heart set on loose curls, but being surprised when you realize the simple updo makes you look more elegant.

Considerations such as hair type, face shape, skin tone, and undertones are often forgotten. Ignoring these can cause you to wonder why your hair and makeup don’t make you look exactly how you envisioned.

Your bridal hair and makeup artist will help you choose a look that will be timeless, perfect for your wedding, and tailored for your hair and face.

Natural makeup and hair by Storme

7. Prepare the Right Way

Makeup artist brushes

Everything starts with a solid foundation. If you skip basic hair and skin care, you’ll be missing out on how radiant a bride you have the potential to be. At your bridal consultation, you can get professional tips on what you should do to make your hair and skin look their best for your wedding. 

A professional bridal hair and makeup artist will give you personalized recommendations. In the meantime, here is are a few basic things you can start doing to prepare for your special day: 

• Hydrate: both your skin and scalp need water.
• Get your hair trimmed to keep split ends under control.
• Use heat protectant or avoid using heat styling tools on your hair.
• Wear sunscreen to keep your skin healthy.

8. Avoid Common Beauty Blunders

Might you be making these common beauty blunders? 

 Applying makeup in the wrong lighting.
 Insufficient or strange blending (is your face a completely different colour from your neck?)
• Using too much foundation and/or concealer.
• Overplucking your eyebrows.
• Using the wrong makeup colours for your skin tone.
• Letting dandruff go untreated.

A professional hair and makeup artist will be trained to avoid all these common mistakes. Additionally, a professional specialized in bridal hair and makeup will be an expert at making their client look like the beautiful bride they are.

Berta wedding show makeup by Storme

9. Be More Confident

Bride and groom london sunset

Feeling confident on your wedding day will not only boost your mood, but it will make you look and feel even more beautiful. It’s not shameful to admit that how we look contributes a great deal to how we feel about ourselves. So, isn’t it worth it to invest in feeling like the best version of you on your wedding day? Confidence = Beautiful. Enough said. 

10. Pamper Yourself

When else will you get a chance to pamper yourself this way? Indulge yourself this once. Many professional hair and makeup artists wouldn’t dream of doing their own bridal hair and makeup simply because they want to enjoy being pampered.

Your birthday is “your day” and yet how many birthdays do you get? Compare that to how many times you get married.

Your wedding is the day you get to make your love official in front of all your friends and loved ones. It should feel special.

Storme finishing bridal look by applying lipstick

Bonus Infographic

Want to remember this list for later? Save or pin the infographic below for quick and easy reference: 


Your wedding is your special day and I believe that means making you feel as special as possible. Hiring a professional bridal hair and makeup artist is an investment in making your wedding a shining day in your memories forever.  

What do you think? Share your thoughts on bridal hair and makeup below.

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