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8 Questions to Ask Your Hair and Makeup Artist

Choosing a pro based on their work is great, however before you secure your artist officially, make sure you ask them these questions…

Now more than ever it’s easier to find hair and makeup artists with their portfolios already available online. However, just liking their work may not be enough, and research should be undertaken. Having your hair and makeup done allows for someone to be invited into your personal space. You want to make sure you of course like their style, but also understand and get on with them on a personal level too.

Many professional within the makeup and hair field specialize or take on a variety of clients and work. Each industry is unique and will offer a different skill set. Here at Storme Makeup and Hair we specialize in the bridal or wedding industry and cater to special occasions and event. We ensure longevity, comfort and looking like the best version of YOU with soft romantic hair and beautiful naturally enhancing makeup.

Find an artist that is going to be an asset to your wedding morning – We’ve curated a list of questions that we feel are great to always ask before booking;

How and why did you start your journey into professional hair and makeup?

One of the most popular questions asked is what made the artist choose the hair and makeup industry. Understanding what inspired their passion and their journey helps one to get to know the artist a bit more. Every artist’s journey is different and can start from a childhood love of makeup to taking courses that began as a hobby. Whatever their story, your hair and makeup artist will share theirs with you. In turn, you’ll hopefully understand them a little better in order to build trust if you choose to hire them.

Do you have a portfolio of previous work and is it up to date?

All artists should display their previous work and have a professional portfolio available that is regularly updated. You may have found them thanks to their profile on Instagram. However, it’s important to look at their website to see if they come across as professional and you may find a few more answers on their site. Does the artist offer the style I am looking for? Can I see any images in their portfolio that I am drawn to or perhaps would want for my special day? If you’re looking for bridal makeup then you shouldn’t be looking at prom makeup. The same with hair, if you’re looking for elegant bridal styles for short hair then it’s best to see similar examples rather than completely unrelated hairstyles.

Have you worked with many brides?

If you are looking for wedding hair and makeup artist, you will want to know how much experience they have in offering those services. This will be seen in their service list, as well as be very evident in their portfolio. It’s important to remember that hair and makeup for special occasions and weddings is slightly different from having your prom makeup done ( usually glam, and young skin) or for a photoshoot, where lighting needs to be factored to determine the intensity of makeup, etc. Bridal hair and makeup have to LAST. You want to invest in someone that’s going to make you look like the best version of you. That they understand all skin types, how to make their makeup last, and hair stays whilst dancing the night away. If they are familiar with the bridal industry, the artist will have several questions which they may ask to ensure you get the most out of your experience. You may have a few more questions on the topic too, such as;

Have you worked at my venue before? Is it possible to do my whole bridal party? How many weddings do you do per year?

There’s plenty of questions to ask but finding out if the artist has experience in the service you require is a must! Experienced bridal hair and makeup artists will be able to answer all your questions and guide you with finding the perfect look that flatters your unique features. In most cases, she’ll ask YOU a few questions to best understand and help plan a smooth morning fitting all the services you require in.

Do you keep up to date with trends?

A question you should consider asking your hair and makeup artist is if they’re still learning and expanding their skills. It’s great if they’ve been a makeup artist for 20 years but if they’re not continuously learning and keeping up with trends then the styles they offer may be dated and not at all what you’re looking for. The same concept goes for hair. Hairstyle trends are constantly changing and depending on what’s in season for your wedding or trending that year, it may not be in the realm of skills that your hairstylist offers. It’s a good idea to see recent work from the past 12-18 months to know that they’re still investing time and effort into staying up to date and relevant in their field.

I have really thick/thin hair, are you able to style it?

There are so many different hair types and an experienced hairstylist will know how to work with most if not all hair types. You may be wondering if they’re able to work with ethnic, thin hair or really thick hair and it’s best to ask. Your hairstylist will be able to provide a portfolio of previous work showcasing similar hair. It’s also always a good idea to book a trial to test out different hairstyles so that way you’re sure it’s what you want. Don’t forget to bring examples of what you’re aiming for and for the artist to get a good sense of what you like and are drawn to.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I wonder if I would be comfortable with what you do?

If it’s your big day then wearing makeup can make you feel extra special. It’s your makeup artists job to take any concerns into consideration and do what works best for you and find your comfort level. If you don’t often wear makeup then having it caked on your big day will make you uncomfortable and very aware that you have a full face on. Your makeup artist will be able to cater to your needs and reassure you, making sure you look fabulous in person, and also on camera. They’ll know what works well for all-day wear for each individual’s and their skin types, and should take the time to find what level of intensity you prefer.

What do you charge for your services?

The price point may be a deciding factor when choosing your artist. But we strongly urge you to weigh their portfolio of work and style against your investment when choosing. You need to be happy with the end result, and not just the price tag.

Whether you want both hair and makeup, or just makeup/hair for your whole bridal party, prices can vary. At Storme Makeup and Hair we offer a variety of services for both hair and makeup. Our team of professionals offer high-quality services and standards. Each year our rates change so if you’re planning for the year ahead feel free to get in touch with an enquiry

Should I hire 2 people; a hairstylist and a makeup artist?

It’s often easier to have the same artist fulfil both duties so they can have a clearer understanding of the overall look your aiming for. This makes it easier for you to book as you are deciding on one person, as well as only having to book in one trial date instead of two. At Storme Makeup and Hair all artists in our team are qualified to offer both services. With a bridal party, it’s best to have a single artist for the bride and then should the party be large, a separate artist or assistant could be used to help. The artist will need to see what they will be able to fit in within the time period given. You may choose a separate hairstylist and makeup artist to have consistency throughout. However, when booking with teams, they often work alongside one another and have similar styles.


Whether it’s weddings or a special occasion, wanting to look your best isn’t a crime and we’re here to help. It can be nerve-wracking working with a professional so personally but our team is here to make the process as comfortable as possible. There’s no question we haven’t heard and you can find a more specific list on our FAQ, however, if you have any further enquiries feel free to get in touch.

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