Vintage veil, hair and makeup by Storme

The complete guide to choosing a wedding veil

When choosing your wedding veil the options can be endless. Compared to the dress, the veil is often an afterthought and the practicalities can be missed. However, it’s very important to take into consideration all aspects of your wedding. Your dress style and colour, wedding settings and the different features of a veil such as the length and style will all play a factor when choosing.

Don’t forget to choose a hairstyle that works well with the veil. A good idea is to take the veil with you to your hairdresser so the hairstyle and veil work well together. This also means there will be less chance of any complications when you decide to take off the veil.

Wedding dress style

When deciding on a wedding veil style and length it’s a good idea to know your wedding dress in advance. You’ll want it to compliment the dress so the colours don’t clash and it doesn’t become overpowering. Also think about considering the detail on your dress so the veil doesn’t hide it or contrarily, be a distraction. If you have an intricate design on your back then a plain, sheer wedding veil will work best,

The length of the dress will also be a major deciding factor and a little rule of thumb is; the shorter the dress the shorter the veil.

Consider your hairstyle

It’s great to have an idea of what hairstyle you want as this will determine the veil placement. You will wear your hairstyle all day whereas the veil will come off so you also don’t want it to mess up your hair afterwards. A bun or stylish updo may result in pinning the veil below to accentuate the hairstyle. Whereas, if you’ve chosen a low updo or to wear your hair down then a cathedral veil or pinning on top would work best.

Make sure to take your wedding veil and any other accessories to your hairstylist so during the trial appointment they can find what works best. It’s a good idea to take a photo of you wearing the dress as well.

Types of wedding veil

There are many options for wedding veils that it can become overwhelming. Each veil has its own characteristics so it’s best to have already chosen your wedding dress so the veil can compliment it.

Two tier veil

The two-tier wedding veil is a huge trend in 2019 thanks to Meghan Markle’s wedding. It’s a very elegant design with a blusher to cover the face. This veil often feature’s a lace trim to elevate a simple wedding gown and create a more luxurious bridal style.

Drop veil

The drop veil is a single tier classic wedding veil style with no blusher covering the face. It’s one layer with a comb (or other attachment) inserted into the hair so it flows down the back.

Juliet cap veil

The Juliet cap is a very romantic style which creates a classic vintage look. It’s made as a small cap of material that flows around the bride and can be styled into the hair, but doesn’t cover the face.

Mantilla veil

The mantilla veil or Spanish veil is a one tier veil that’s circular in shape and has an intricate lace edge. It’s commonly placed at the top of the head for an elegant traditional look that frames the face or on a low bun for a more modern look.

Birdcage veil

The birdcage veil looks like a fancy headpiece and is great for vintage inspired bridal styles. It’s short in style with just some netting covering the forehead and hair so can be worn all day.

Cathedral length wedding veil

Cathedral length veil by Agneshart

This wedding veil style adds a dramatic tone to your bridal style and is perfect for a long aisle walk, commonly found at church and cathedral weddings. The veil length starts at 3 meters so make sure you have some help. The dress will also play a big factor so make sure to choose something elegant and simple over a big ballgown.

All in all…

When choosing your wedding veil, make sure you know what works well with your dress for a harmonious look that’s sure to wow. A veil is optional but when trying on a veil with your dress your entourage is sure to shed a few tears.

If you need any help with choosing a style or want to know what veil works best for you and your chosen hairstyle, please get in touch via

This piece is in collaboration with Agnes Hart. All veils are created and packaged by Rae, the founder and designer. To view more of her beautiful products, take a look at her Etsy shop here.

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