Bridal hair accessories. wedding hairstylist

Bridal hair accessories. Beautiful bridal headbands and bridesmaid’s hair accessories to complete any wedding hairstyle.

Finding it challenging to find the perfect bridal hair accessories? Hair pieces can finish off a bridal look or bridesmaid’s hairstyle! There are so many gorgeous wedding hair accessories out there!

As a wedding hairstylist, I often have clients ask me about their bridal hair accessories. I always ask them how they feel about their hair and the style they are keen on. Some brides know exactly how they wish to have their wedding hairstyled. Yet, find getting an appropriate hair accessory to be challenging. Some find the hair accessory first. Then struggle to pair it with a hairstyle that they both love and will suit them.
Whichever you fall in love with first -a hairstyle or a hair accessory? – There is no wrong way or best way to pick your hair accessory or hairstyle. Your wedding hairstylist will assist you with ideas for a hairstyle that would pair well with a hair accessory you have already chosen. And help you to find a look that would work best for you as an individual. Taking into consideration – your hair type, face shape, and your wedding style. By using inspiration from what you have shown your artist and the hair accessory you have chosen or might wish to use. They will create the best and most well-suited hairstyle for your wedding day. Ensuring you look and feel incredible on your wedding day.

Hair and makeup by head artist, Storme.

Beautiful hair accessories by Victoria Harper Bridal.

Gown by The Farnham Bridal Boutique.

I love to draw inspiration from what my beautiful bridal clients get excited about! Starting from a hairstyle or a hair accessory. I like to create a new bespoke bridal look centered around their style. A look that will leave them feeling confident and comfortable. A hairstyle that is best suited to them, and the day they have planned.

One hairstyle can carry many different, beautiful hair accessories!

wedding hair accessories Surrey wedding hairstylist
There are endless options when it comes to wedding hairstyles. Whatever the hairstyle you choose -there are beautiful bridal hair accessories available to finish off the look
Above, I demonstrated how versatile hair clips and bridal accessories can be. You can see that by changing the accessory, the same hairstyle can look different. A hair accessory can change and transform a bridal hairstyle. Different placements or different shaped accessories add a unique touch to a hairstyle.
You can have the hair accessory showing from the front, the side, the back, or dotted around. There is sure to be a way you can use any hair accessory to finish and polish off a radiant bridal look and make it your own!

Gorgeous hair accessories: Victoria Harper Bridal

Wedding gowns and venue: The Farnham Boutique

Hair, makeup and photography: Storme Webster

Some romantic boho wedding hair inspiration with beautiful bridal hair accessories

All hairstyles created by Storme from Storme Makeup and Hair

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Choosing a bridal hair accessory

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