The Power of Listening to Your Heart & Letting Beauty Shine Through

The Stars Inside ; The  Wedding Podcast

Ep. 13 with Bridal Hair and Makeup artist Storme Webster

The Stars Inside Wedding Podcast for wedding tips and general discussion

Valentina from The Stars Inside, had kindly asked me if I wanted to join her on her wedding podcast to talk about all things wedding hair and makeup. She was interested in sharing the journey I took into the successful business I have and run today. I am not going to lie, it was totally out of my comfort zone, however I took the opportunity and decided to lean into my discomfort for public speaking and ride the fear wave!

I definitely feel like I have a message and story, and it was exciting to talk and share that with her and her audience.

I have had the honor of working with Valentina several times, and she always blows me away with the wonderful concepts, styling and teams she orchestrates for each and every project she is involved with. She is truly a master of her craft and in a league of her own, and so when she asked me to guest on an episode of her newly and wonderful Wedding Podcast I was so so appreciative. 

We had so much fun chatting about so much more than hair and makeup, and although I was extremely nervous before hand- once we got to chatting and talking about topics I know and feel strongly about, I totally forgot we were recording. Valentina has the kindest and sweetest voice, and just knows how to make someone feel relaxed and calm. Her podcast is so informative and a great asset to the wedding industry and to couples planning their weddings and elopements.

I shared my journey of how I got started within the beauty industry and my moving from South Africa to London and starting my business all over again with a new direction. We spoke about what it means to have your hair and makeup done professionally for your wedding day, and that it not only is about great looking makeup and hair, but rather that feeling of being more comfortable and confident for the day and lasting as well as great photographs. I have a team of artists that work within my brand, and I feel like everyone who is in my team is an extension of my ethos and aesthetic. We truly have a clear style as a wedding hair and makeup business – and anyone that loves soft romantic hairstyles and natural, enhancing soft and radiant makeup looks invest in our services for their special day.

Please have a listen in on our discussion on this fantastic and inspirational podcast. I hope you enjoy it as much I did recording it and talking about all the things I truly love and that ignite my soul and passion for my craft. 

"Look and Feel like the best version of YOU for your wedding day"

If you would like to hear the full podcast, hop over to The Stars Inside Podcast Website. If you are interested in hearing more about the wonderful Valentina, I wrote a little ‘get to know me’ guest blog all about this gorgeous and talented person I have come to know and love. I highly recommend checking out her beautifully curated Instagram for more inspiration and amazing wedding and elopement tips.

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